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The Baker

The Baker directed by Gareth Lewis with Damian Lewis, Kate Ashfield, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

The Baker is a killer comedy about how you cannot escape your past, especially when you’re an ex-hitman... Milo (Damian Lewis) is a professional hit man living on the edge. When failing to fulfill a contract for the first time, Milo escapes the city to avoid the wrath of his employers. Hiding out in a remote rural village, the locals mistake him for the new baker. He adopts this role as his new cover and sets about baking bread and cakes for the village. When sparks fly with the local vet Rhiannon (Kate Ashfield) he decides to start a new life as the village baker, but his past is about to catch up with him. In a small village where everyone knows your deepest darkest secrets and no one is as innocent as they seem Milo discovers that you cannot always have your cake and eat it.
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The Baker is a really fun well-rounded killer comedy. All the ingredients are here to make you laugh and have a good time. A hitman that becomes not so good at his job and is forced to get lost in the country for a while. But the village he gets in, is full of strange funny people with problems that are increased by the proximity of everyone and the fact you can’t escape this lost village.
And soon enough the ex-hitman discover he has to be a baker ! But he doesn’t know how to bake ! Those scenes are quite funny when we see him try to bake some cake or bread. Even if the baker have the main role the movie would be nothing without the others crazy characters. The actors have been casted very well. Each one of them seems to have been born for this role. They all fit very well their characters.

This is certainly not the best movie you’ll ever see but that’s still one very good film. You have a very good time wacthing it, and a very good laugh. Besides even if it’s not perfect or extremely amazing it’s really well-done and it feels right. After watching it for the first time you know for sure that you are going to wacth it again and love it even more on this second viewing. That’s what I did and I can assure you the movie is even better on the second watt !

One little thing. I don’t understand the poster. I would have expected it a lot more funny. When you look at it rapidly you don’t think it’s a killer comedy, you think of something with more drama, more serious when in fact it’s not.

To end, here a few review from the press :

"Muddles along fine in a sentimental, mainstream way. By constantly referencing Austen's sharp wit this can only ever come up short in comparison."   Anna Smith (Time out)

" Chick-flick veteran Robin Swicord has such assured control of her material, while the women, including Maria Bello as an emotionally reticent dog breeder and Amy Brenneman as a betrayed housewife, are so seemingly at ease in their roles that the movie drifts towards its happy-ever-after finale without a missed beat. " Kevin Maher (Times on Line)

" If it sounds contrived, it is ? a consequence of a script built around a rigidly schematic conceit and bland protagonists whose romantic hassles Jane would have probably wrapped up in a single chapter. Perhaps now they'll leave the old girl in peace. " Neil Smith (Total Film)

" If the film itself were one of its characeters, it would be Grigg: a beguiling mixture of pragmatism and enthusiasm, it is strangely disarming in its lack of pretension, albeit a little clumsy. Fair enough, its commercial aspirations are as blatant as the product-placement slots that proliferate throughout, but it also offers a canny defence of film interpretation." Catherine Wheatley (Sight and sound)